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Cobble Hill Winery: A Renewed Legacy

Once known as Damali Vineyards, Cobble Hill Winery is the realization of a cherished dream. Acquired by Stephen and Tricia in the spring of 2023, this historic estate is experiencing a renaissance with the introduction of Grüner Veltliner, Albarino, and Verdehlo vines.

Tracing its roots back to 2006, the vineyard veterans of Cabernet Libre, Castel, Siegerrebe, and Pinot Noir thrive on the cobble-sloped soils. Beyond the vines, our orchard boasts a bounty of blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb, and black currants. With these, we envision a tapestry of culinary masterpieces and memorable events to delight our patrons.

Home to 15 distinct lavender varieties, Cobble Hill, offers a sensory journey unlike any other. Wander the labyrinth and let your spirit rejuvenate. Our lavender, sustainably harvested, becomes the essence of a range of products, allowing you to carry the enchanting aroma and memories of Cobble Hill wherever you go.

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