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Chronicling our journey

Living the dream and sharing it with others.

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Mission & Vision


At Cobble Hill Winery, we intertwine innovation with reverence for nature, pioneering new varietals and championing biodynamic and regenerative practices. Grounded in Dylan Sheldon's diverse winemaking legacy, our wines are elegant symphonies crafted to elevate every meal. We are committed to unwavering excellence, reflecting the beauty of our vineyards and the heart of our passionate team.


We envision a world where wine is more than just a drink—it's an experience. As custodians of a breathtaking haven where slopes, vineyards, and lavender meld into nature's tranquility, we aim to create immersive moments that educate, inspire, and indulge. Wine, for us, is a celebration of culture, history, and the senses, connecting people to nature's rhythm and life's elevated joys. At Cobble Hill, we aspire to be a beacon of memorable encounters, where every sip is special and every visit unforgettable.

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